Getting Started with Kickflow — on Granadanet

2 min readJul 29, 2021

As we begin our countdown to the mainnet launch, we are really excited to put out a demo on Granadanet for the community to test and play around with. We have created a precise tutorial video explaining some of the basics.

What’s next?

We are sending our smart contracts off for a security audit and working to improve the UX on our front end and make the system overall faster and smoother. We will be releasing an official mainnet launch date soon.

In the meantime, Tezos community members have an important part to play in our testing phase. By using our product and providing valuable feedback, you can help us deliver our best version on the mainnet. Join our discord for discussion, technical support and of course — memes!

Once again, we would like to thank the Tezos Foundation for supporting us with a grant and Tezos India and TzAPAC for providing us with subject advice.

Want to know about Kickflow in-depth?

A while ago, we wrote this article explaining the ins and outs of Kickflow. There have been a few changes in the contract design, but the overall idea is the same and can be understood well from the article. Do give it a read.


Kickflow is an open source crowdfunding platform on Tezos, built on the foundations of Quadratic Funding and CLR matching.